Luke Roberts Feature

Classes. Studying. Exams. Social life. Fraternity events. Family. All of this sounds like the typical life of a college student, but try adding music gigs a few times a week to that. Senior Luke Roberts juggles his college career with his music while still staying afloat.
Roberts is a Business Management major from Roland. His dad started a network of Lifechurch, where he began leading worship for the youth group when he was in ninth grade. The following year, he began voice lessons to improve his skill. Roberts said that was when he really started improving vocally by learning breathing and technique.
Despite the fact that both of his siblings attended the University of Arkansas, Roberts only applied to OSU and traveled farther from home. He joined Farmhouse fraternity, where he participates and directs shows like Varsity Revue and Spring Sing. Robert’s cousin, Zachary Roberts, an older member in Farmhouse, was leading worship for Overflow, a weekly worship night held at Lifechurch in Stillwater for OSU students. At the time, Luke was involved with the prayer team that met before Overflow and eventually the team decided to bring him on stage as a part of the worship team. The fall of this sophomore year, Luke led one to two songs a week at Overflow. Since then, Luke has gone on to lead four to five songs a week and has devoted most of his time to Overflow.
“Once everyone on our team became comfortable with the group, Luke really started to show his leadership style,” Overflow sound technician Ty Prather said.
The worship leaders for Overflow practice about three hours a week, on top of the actual hour-long service on Tuesday nights. Roberts said he doesn’t mind the time commitment because he knows that Overflow is where the Lord has placed him at this time in his life.
“Ministry is where my focus is and where I want my focus to be for the rest of my life,” Roberts said.
Although he feels the pull to ministry, Roberts doesn’t think a teaching-pastor position is what he wants to do. He thinks he is better suited to one-on-one relationships rather than speaking to an audience. Roberts said that he would like to intern for a church or be a worship leader after he finished college.
“If ministry is what he wants to do, he’ll do it well,” Zachary Roberts said. “He’s smart, talented and people like him. There’s not much you can’t do with those attributes.”
In the mean time, Roberts plays different gigs around Stillwater at coffee shops and philanthropy events. Recently he has learned to play ukulele so that he doesn’t have to be dependent on a guitarist to accompany him. With his full schedule, it becomes difficult to coordinate practice times with other students whose schedules are just as jam packed as his own. He said that often times, these gigs pop up at the most inconvenient times. Although he enjoys what he does, it gets tough to balance his schoolwork with his music.
Luke’s performances at coffee shops and charity events are where his indie/folk music style is best suited to. He began performing around Stillwater his sophomore year with his cousin, Zachary. Luke said that he gets asked to perform a lot because people know he is available and wants to.
“Music is simply another way Luke expresses himself,” Eric Duell, a friend of Luke’s from Farmhouse said. “I think it gives him confidence.”


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